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American Lenders Service Company has developed programs, coverages and operational procedures to match the needs and desires of the lending industry. Our standardized forms provide our clients with convenient, relevant and useful information. Each office follows written operational procedure which is continuously reviewed and updated.

American Lenders Service Company’s Home Office Staff  has extensive experience in banking, finance, collections and insurance. Our professionally staffed Home Office stands ready to assist with any problem that may arise during the handling of a repossession or skip trace account.

The American Lenders Service Company Network of collateral recovery and related services franchises is the only one of its kind and is the leader in the repossession industry. More than 400 franchises, located in 45 states, operate with insight and understanding of the repossession and skip tracing requirements in the area(s) for which they provide service. All offices operate in compliance with the guidelines set out by the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and other applicable federal laws, in conjunction with the many state laws and local ordinances that pertain to the services they perform.

Each American Lenders Service Company Office has the ability to access the national Network in order to provide its clients with a single-source collateral recovery and remarketing service. By using an American Lenders Service Company Office, or the National Assignment Center, as a single point of contact, lenders are able to arrange, at a predetermined price, a complete customized package of loss control services including collateral verification, skip tracing, collateral recovery, and remarketing with full compliance and documentation of a commercially reasonable sale.

Company Profile

American Lenders Service Company is a leading provider of collateral recovery services nationwide. With our integrated nationwide network of repossession specialists, plus a National Assignment Center and the best insurance and bonding program in the repossession industry, we are capable of skip tracing and servicing a lenders defaulted loan account regardless of the location of the collateral.

As a service company, we go to great lengths to provide efficient resolutions to your problem collection and/or repossession accounts, including finding your debtor, collecting or repossessing the collateral, remarketing of the repossessed collateral, and/or transport or delivery of that collateral to your desired location.

American Lenders Service Company does not offer you collateral recovery service as a sideline to some other business. IT IS our business. We are the most qualified, most professional and most copied collateral recovery provider in the industry. We promise our clients our professional best and are prepared to deliver.


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