Multi-Risk Protection Program


Multi-Risk Protection Program.* American Lenders Service Company provides our clients with the most comprehensive protection in the collateral recovery industry through our exclusive Multi-Risk Protection Program.

Our service activities are insured with comprehensive liability coverage.* Your interest is further protected once American Lenders Service Company recovers your property. Once repossessed, the collateral and its contents are insured for physical damage.* In addition, all of our clients are protected by a dishonesty bond* against conversion of their property or funds.


For your protection, American Lenders Service Company maintains bonding for the protection of its clients against fraudulent or dishonest acts, misappropriation of funds, willful misapplication of funds, embezzlement, forgery, theft or larceny.

American Lenders Service Company provides service and protection that is unavailable from any other repossession organization, association, or trade group. To see for yourself, request a copy of your current repossession providers' insurance certificates and bonds. Compare theirs with the bonding and insurance provided by American Lenders Service Company. Then you will know that only American Lenders Service Company provides the protection you need and reduces your risk.

* Insurance coverage under the Multi-Risk Protection Program is subject to policy terms.
* Insurance and Bonding Certificates available upon request.

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