Certification Programs

American Lenders Service Company and its nationwide network team operate in compliance with the guidelines set out in the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA), (including Red Flags Rule), the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act,  and in conjunction with the many state laws and local ordinances that pertain to the services we perform.

One of the most important concerns of business owners and managers today is the risk associated with drug and alcohol use and abuse in the workplace. The purpose of our program is to standardize an anti-drug and alcohol operational policy in achieving zero tolerance of substance abuse by our franchises and their employees. The key to both deterrence and detection of workplace substance abuse is a comprehensive substance abuse policy, such as the one that is promoted by American Lenders Service Company. Every ALSCO Franchise that is actively participating in our Drug & Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program is noted in our location page by the symbol above. You should be confident that these Franchises are doing their part to make the workplace safer.

American Lenders Service Company wants to provide our clients the best possible service available. In striving to achieve this goal, our Franchises are required to complete The ALSCO Collateral Recovery Specialist course along with two continuing education seminars per year. Every ALSCO Franchise that is actively participating in this program is noted in our location page by the symbol above. You can be assured that they have the best possible UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) and repossession knowledge that is available in the industry.


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