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  • Do you want to be in business for yourself? If so, perhaps American Lenders Service Company is the opportunity that’s right for you. It allows you to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself! Our name recognition, proven operations and marketing procedure gives you a competitive edge in an otherwise very competitive industry. 

  • So why not team up with a winner?
    There’s a reason why American Lenders Service Company is the largest collateral repossession company in America – with the most recognized name in our industry.

  • We began in 1979 helping people develop and grow their businesses in the collateral repossession and collateral remarketing fields.

  • Collateral recovery service provided to lenders on defaulted loans is not a passing fad. It is not just a developing trend. It is a service that has been in demand since the first lender decided to require collateral as security for loan advancements. The demand for collateral repossession service grows with the number of loans that are made. According to industry analysts, the lending industry in America has grown steadily for the past seventy years – and is projected to continue as far out as economic projections are made.

  • Contrary to popular belief, the number of collateral repossessions increase as the economy improves. According to the American Bankers Association, approximately two percent of the total number of indirect secured auto loans require some sort of collection or repossession service. The fewer loans that are made, the fewer collection-repossession services required. The greater the number of loans made, the greater the demand for collection and collateral repossession service.

  • So why should you consider joining the American Lenders Service Company team? Because it is made up of a group of people just like you! All of whom have the same goals and dreams as you! They work as a team! Every franchisee has a responsibility of soliciting business – not only for themselves, but for the entire national network! This combined network marketing creates a cumulative effect that cannot be matched by independent effort.

  • Our network members, working as a team of marketing professionals, have a responsibility to secure business from lender-clients in their respective markets for the benefit of the entire franchise Network. An estimated $20 million in interoffice assignment referrals are exchanged between our network members each year during normal economic conditions – and that number grows with the addition of every new franchise.

  • In addition to each member having the support of the entire national franchise network, the franchisor also provides assistance to its network members through the marketing efforts of its wholly-owned subsidiary, ALSCO National Assignment Center, Inc. During normal economic conditions approximately $5 million dollars worth of business is forwarded to our network from our National Assignment Center each year. 

  • We provide an exclusive franchise territory. What does exclusive franchise territory mean? It means that only a single franchise can use the American Lenders Service Company trade name in the particular franchise area as defined in the franchise agreement. It does not limit where you can solicit business, nor does it limit in any way the territory in which you can provide service to your clients. It limits the franchisor from installing another franchisee within the boundaries of the geographic area listed in your franchise agreement. The exclusivity of a franchise provides the opportunity to build or add equity to a business.

  • Our franchises are identified by the key city within the franchisee’s market. The authorized business identification may not be the specific city or town where the franchisee resides or has his office and storage facility. For example: we identify our franchisees with the national franchise name, e.g. American Lenders Service Company, plus the target franchised city, e.g. “Los Angeles.” Thus the identification of the franchise would be: American Lenders Service Co. of Los Angeles, although the office may actually be located in the suburban town of Anaheim. Therefore, you may see a franchise listed in the general area in which you are interested, but there may be a nearby franchise territory that is available.

  • So why not join a winning team? Call now! Our franchise marketing manager will provide you with additional information about how you can obtain an application for consideration. After your application has been processed and we find that you have the necessary qualifications to become a part of our growing national team, we will forward you an official Franchise Disclosure Document required by Federal Law. It is an official document that contains all pertinent information about our company and how you may become one of our valued franchise owners and a part of our national network of professional collateral recovery specialists.

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