Services Offered

  • REPOSSESSION - American Lenders Service Company is far and away the industry leader in the recovery of collateral. During the last calendar year, we have collectively repossessed thousands of units of collateral on behalf of lenders nationwide.

  • COLLECTIONS - American Lenders Service Company will take all properly assigned accounts for repossession or collection in lieu of repossession. In some states, a collection license is required for unsecured collection activity. Therefore, state law regarding collections should be discussed with the American Lenders Service Company office prior to assignment of the account if you request collection rather than repossession.

  • INVESTIGATIONS - American Lenders Service Company offices have experienced and well-equipped field personnel who can verify the address and location information given on an account and obtain additional information from the field. All of this is accomplished in compliance with federal laws regarding gathering location information.

  • SKIPTRACING - American Lenders Service Company has experienced professionals who invest time and financial resources to utilize the latest technology and purchase access from the most reputable sources of information to locate difficult accounts.

  • SALE MAKE-READY - American Lenders Service Company professionals can advise you on needed cleaning and repairs to enhance your collateral's marketability. In addition, they have the contacts and wherewithal to carry out your instructions on a very competitive basis.

  • REMARKETING - American Lenders Service Company offers two programs designed to produce the greatest return on your collateral. Representatives of American Lenders Service Company are trained to handle remarketing assignments through the American Lenders Service Company online auction known as ALSCO Auto Auction, Inc. (for more information click here) or through direct bid sales.

  • TRANSPORT/DELIVERY - American Lenders Service Company can assist you with transport and delivery service. In the event the local market does not produce a satisfactory purchase offer, or a dealer recourse option is available, we can usually provide assistance with transport and delivery service nationwide.

  • INSURED/BONDED - American Lenders Service Company provides you with the most comprehensive protection in the collateral recovery industry through our exclusive Multi-Risk Program. For more information, click here.

    Free Office Directory

    American Lenders Service Company provides you with an online directory of our nationwide locations at www.AmericanLendersDirectory.com. Accounts may be sent to a location electronically by visiting www.AmericanLenders.com.

    Any American Lenders Service Company (ALSCO) franchise, the company’s NATIONAL ASSIGNMENT CENTER (NAC), or the company’s NATIONAL ADMINISTRATION CENTER, can provide you with a single source, comprehensive collateral recovery and remarketing service. American Lenders Service Company and/or its associates can easily service your accounts regardless of where your collateral is located, from Maine to Hawaii, or from Alaska to Florida. With a secure electronic link or with just a simple phone call, fax or e-mail message, one of our trained account managers can handle the service required by your entire book of accounts. Your collection and remarketing representatives can each be electronically linked to our NAC and our entire national franchised Network.

    For more information about how your company can electronically link directly to our NAC and our entire national Network, please contact us at info@AmericanLenders.com and we will be happy to assist you. Or simply call us at 432-332-0361 any weekday between 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., Central Time.
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