The following are but a few testimonials from some of our network members that we offer as our direct reference to you. Obviously, we cannot post statements from each and every network member. However, upon request, we will gladly provide you with the phone numbers of all of our network members.


   I have been in the collateral recovery business for over forty years. I began in the industry with membership in various trade associations. These associations are basically nothing more than a directory listing service, specializing of course, in the collateral recovery industry.
   I was then introduced to American Lenders Service Company and was immediately impressed by the unique, professional attitude with which it was created. Among other things, I was offered participation in continuing education in the collateral recovery field, legal assistance, access to insurance professionals, and a national service marketing program.
   Over the years it has proven to be unquestionably the most important decision I have made regarding the future of my business. I was one of the first few offices created and have witnessed first-hand the many critical industry innovations that American Lenders Service Company has been instrumental in providing to the lending industry.
   Nothing is perhaps more important than American Lenders Service Company introducing the industry to professional liability insurance. Not only were they the first to offer this critical service to the client and their franchised recovery specialists, but they continue to be the absolute industry benchmark as the undisputed leader in providing this essentially mandatory service throughout the lending industry. Other industry “firsts” were free account referral service and “guaranteed satisfaction.”
   The interoffice assignment referral program created by American Lenders Service Company is one of the most envied services provided, and it is only possible because of the unique system shared by a national network of franchised offices, all working toward the common goal of absolutely professional service.
   The company recently created, for its franchisees and clients, their own internet wholesale auction known as ALSCO Auto Auction. This internet auction will soon be recognized as the most valuable and innovative asset ever offered to the lending industry. Now clients can relax in the comfort of knowing that their collateral can be remarketed “as is” to a much wider internet dealer market at the point of repossession, eliminating transport fees, voice auction listing and sale fees, reconditioning fees, and more. Many of my clients have reduced their overall combined service fees, relative to repossession and remarketing, by as much as 50% using the ALSCO Auto Auction. The auction service is free to my clients.
   These are but a few highlights of the myriad of professional services and opportunities provided by American Lenders Service Company and the reason I am delighted to be associated with them.
   I currently own eight American Lenders Service Company franchises located in western Texas and southeastern New Mexico. 

Sincerely, Ron Weaver, Owner & General Manager
American Lenders Service Co. of Odessa, TX & Hobbs, NM
Phone: 432-332-8773

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